2nd of August 2010

im a bitch

im a hoe hoochy mama

im going to get beat up one day for all the hate in my heart


10th of July 2010

im gay

im gay i am gay i am gay i am gay i am gay (:

18th of September 2009

What is that thing you call hope?

Hope is bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay.
Hope is gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day.
Hope is to remain positive when going gets tough.
Hope is seeking more when others think you had enough.
Hope is dreaming of tommorow.
Hope is simmering under sorrow.
Hope is sparkles when tears in our eyes.
Hope is a beautiful thing and beautiful things never dies.
Hope is as light as a feather.
Hope keeps all of us together.
Hope is ubiquitous and free of cost.
Hope is the last thing ever lost.


New memories.

This weekend… i’m moving. New start? New memories? New people?.. I highly doubt it hence im moving 4 streets up. But when i move, things are gonna be left behind. This place is where I truely grew up and matured. So many countless nights crying, laughing, singing. I feel that when I move, ill be on my own more than i’ve had. but how is that even possible when I always feel so alone? I guess we will find out..

15th of August 2009

What is pain?

Like a wounded dove
Falling from the sky
And like a mockingbird
Witnessing a lie
Like waves crashing from the sea
And stormy clouds and misery
Distracting as love’s first strike
And hurts as bad as a knife
Like a sunset on a sunny day
And the moonlight going away
Like a starving man’s last bite
And a dying girl’s last night
No relief and no rest
From the persevering pest
That eats away at your soul
And leaves you alone forevermore
That is pain
Of that there is no doubt
Can love be the only way out?


Pushing Forward

You left me cold, an empty shell. With my heart you fled. Silently, I sat in silence, remembering the words you said lose your number, forget your face, Move on, forget about you. The love I gave was all in vain. The pain you caused, it cut me deep. Deeper than the sharpest knife.But as time goes on the wounds heal. It’s time to move on with my life. I’ve been hurt for way too long. I deserve some of life’s joy. Somebody who loves me true and will realize I am no toy. reaching toward my hopes and dreams. It has taken me far too long to reach this place, it seems my fears may try to hold me back. To try and block my way but with courage and faith in my heart I will get there come what may. The road will be a long one and it may be rocky, too. But when I reach this place in time, my dreams could all shine through. I am coming nearer to my goals and my excitement grows. The plans I have made will soon be real. Along with the destiny I chose. Though I have been tossed and turned in life’s storms. I will surely see a brighter dawn. I’m no longer held back by my fears. So if in time, you start regretting the road on which you’ve gone, Baby don’t crying to me, I’ll only laugh. You see… IM BETTER OFF.

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